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SkinNinja's Top Five


Charlotte, Collector of Lists

23 Dec 2017

Winter is in full swing, and for many that means dry hands, chapped lips and a manner of other skin problems. Time to load up on moisturiser, then – but which? Join the SkinNinja team as we run down our favourites…

Skin – Normal to Dry
Preferences – Vegan

“I always suffer with dry skin in the winter – summer too if I think about it. Either way, my absolute go to moisturiser is Sukin’s Ultra Hydrating Body Oil.  I don’t have time in the mornings to faff about, so I tend to save it up for a deep moisturise a couple of times a week. I need something non-greasy and simple and this fits the bill.”

I don’t normally like things that have too much fragrance, mainly because it makes me wonder what’s in there, but Sukin’s formula is just amazing, I’ve never smelt anything so heavenly and comforting – it’s a real treat and without the crap.

Skin – Normal
Preferences – Natural and non-toxic

“I have a pharmacy degree, hence I’m obsessed with chemicals and what they can do to my body. At the moment, my go-to moisturiser is Balm Balm Fragrance Free Body Balm. I love it because it only contains 5 ingredients, all of which are 100% organic and natural. Although I don’t have sensitive skin, I still try to keep my skin exposed to a minimum number of chemicals, while of course I still need the product to function as a moisturiser. No point using a healthy moisturiser that leaves my skin dry in the winter.”

This moisturiser sinks into my skin on application, and keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day. The best part is that it’s multi-purpose; I can use it on my hands, face and even on my hair. So instead of carrying five different products in my bag, I carry this one – perfect for the minimalist me. This little tub of goodness goes a long way!

Skin – sensitive, combination
Preferences – does what it says on the tin and not loaded with health concerns

“I change products quite a bit, depending on what my skin is doing. Right now we’re hitting the depths of winter so my body is crying out for a heavy-duty moisturiser. My current go-to for problem areas such as lips, feet, hands, elbows, general ‘aeroplane air dryness’ is Purepotions Skin Salvation – that bad boy has been around the world with me and seems to tackle just about everything.

Special mention goes to Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body Oil, which we also rate for changing of the seasons and for when skin is constantly exposed to cold, dry air.

Skin – dry, itchy
Preferences – low-ingredient

“I’m locked into an unending battle with chronic dry and itchy skin which seems to be exacerbated by just about anything you’d find on a high-street shelf – so my dermatologist’s orders were to find something with as little in it as possible that could aggravate my condition. That’s why I use Zero-AQS cream, an emollient which can handily also be used as a soap substitute, meaning I’m moisturising whenever I wash.”

It’s marketed as free of sodium lauryl sulfate but in reality it’s free of just about everything as it contains just five ingredients, one of which is simply purified water. Another bonus? It’s only about a fiver for a 500g tub, which lasts me for at least a month.

Need a more affordable option? We couldn’t write a list without acknowledging that you don’t need to spend a fortune on skincare. Simple remedies do exist! Charlotte’s alternative for example, is almond oil. A 200ml bottle can be picked up for under two pounds (pro tip: try the world food section of most supermarkets for even cheaper bottles).

Which moisturisers are you leaning on to get your skin through the winter months? Let us know in the comments below or on the SkinNinja Facebook page.

Are you looking to switch your moisturiser to a healthier alternative? Thousands more products like those recommended here can be discovered on the SkinNinja app. Just scan your product’s barcode and SkinNinja will recommend alternatives with fewer health concerns.

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