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Jo’s Story

Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for how you want companies to treat you.
I think about that every time I buy a skin product. I am telling companies that it is okay for them to put a list of ingredients on the back of a packet that I don’t understand. It isn’t.
I just want answers, clearly and simply and without the BS. Can the ingredient affect my health? Does it work? Will it give me a manky rash? It’s impossible to tell – and it shouldn’t be.
I couldn’t find anything that comes even close to giving me those basic answers so with an all female team, I decided to build something myself. I called it SkinNinja.

Charlotte’s Story

Having been vegetarian most of my life (I was a demanding child), by my thirties I was increasingly becoming become more interested in the world, ‘big business’, ethics and what I was actually putting in to my body and became curious as to what veganism actually was.

Keeping in mind for the past 20 years my dream had been to own a cheese shop, in the January (so cliche, I know) of 2014, I decided to give this ‘vegan thing’ a try. Turned out, I learnt a lot – ate better than I had in years and so began my journey of working out what mattered to me, what my values were and – without sounding like a dick – who I was. Helloooo overwhelmed and lost in a world of misinformation, contradicting advice and nowhere to go to sensibly help me.

Yingdee’s Story

When doing my shopping, I’ve often thought, I have a Master of Pharmacy qualification plus both my parents are scientific professionals, yet even I still struggle to understand what are in these bottles and what the effects are of all these different ingredients, day in day out on my skin and in my body. So what about everyone else? You shouldn’t need a Pharmacy degree to understand this stuff!

Even I have struggled, I don’t have time to read and translate this stuff, so I’ve been guilty of just accepting product labels and marketing spin and throwing in to my basket. “No parabens” okay I will buy this, “No SLS” okay I will buy this. But these products are expensive. Do I want to be paying for these types of premium products so blindly?

So when the opportunity came about to work on SkinNinja, I lept at the chance. This is what I was looking for. An app that is easy to use, is with me everywhere and provides me with transparent information.

Fiona’s Story

As I’ve got older, rather than taking my health for granted, I’ve become more health conscious, more curious and taken more of an interest in what exactly I’m applying to my skin.

With that, I’ve become more and more frustrated with labels never really appearing to mean anything and just a bunch of marketing speak with no clear, transparent way of understanding why one product is more expensive over than another. It’s not right that we don’t know what’s in our skincare products.

As a techie, I’m incredibly excited that I am now able to discover this not just for myself but to help millions of women like me all via SkinNinja’s clever app which is set to revolutionise the way we all think about our skincare


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